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OXIDEHEMT - Numerical optimization of MgxZn1-xO/ZnO and BexZn1-xO/ZnO based heterostructure transistors

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In this study, we are planning to investigate the potentials and band structures of MgxZn1-xO/ZnO and BexZn1-xO/ZnO heterostructures with the help of 1-dimensional non-linear self consistent solutions of Schrödinger and Poisson equations. With the obtained quantum well structures, we will calculate the concentration of electrons, electron probabilities and we will implement quasi-1D approximation to get the current-voltage characteristics of the investigated transistor structures. Results will be compared with the GaN-based counterparts.


In this project, we are considering the optimization of MgxZn1-xO/ZnO and BexZn1-xO/ZnO structures with 1-dimensional non-linear self-consistent Schrödinger-Poisson equation solutions. In these optimization studies, many situations such as the addition of different layers with different alloy ratios, the application of different barrier possibilities, and doping will be discussed. As a result, the Current-Voltage behaviors of the proposed structures will be examined with quasi1D analyzes as transistors, and possible transistor structures will be suggested.

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