Wide Band-gap Materials

GaN-based heterostructures (AlGaN/GaN, InAlN/GaN etc.)

  • Improvement of two dimensional electron gas (2DEG) well parameters
  • Experimental investigation of electron transport, magnetotransport, hot-electron transport properties
  • Investigation of effect of Si3N4 surface passivation
  • InGaN/GaN multi-quantum wells (MQWs)
  • Band engineering; High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) device design and modeling

ZnO-based heterostructures (MgZnO/ZnO, BeZnO/ZnO etc.)

  • Improvement of 2DEG well parameters
  • Development of hybrid GaN/ZnO heterostructures
  • Band engineering; device design and modeling

Two Dimensional Materials

Graphene and other 2D structures

  • Graphene based transistors
  • Investigation of magnetoconductivity and surface properties of exfoliated and epitaxially grown graphene samples
  • Investigation of scattering mechanisms in epitaxially graphene on SiC substrate
  • Investigation of structural, electronic and optical properties in graphene nanoribbons
  • Investigation of structural, electronic and optical properties of 2D black phosphorus